Cassie’s Story – Page 2


After explain the situation to veterinarian Bassem Boctor, he suggested that we do ONLY an x-ray for bladder stones, a urine test for blood and some blood work.

After some discussion between us all, veterinarian Bassem Boctor explained that the blood work was not as important as the other suggestions he made in his attempts to to determine what was the problem was with Cassie. So the blood work was put on hold.

At that point Cassie was taken into the back area so they could do the x-rays and get a urine sample. After paying for the procedures, the receptionist said to give them about a half hour and they will call us so we can return to pick up Cassie.

Once they called and we arrived back at St. Catharine’s Animal Hospital. Where the receptionist explained that they were unsuccessful in getting Cassie to pee and suggested they do a Cystocentesis to get some urine.

Cystocentesis is a veterinary procedure where a needle is placed into the urinary bladder through the abdominal wall of an animal and a sample of urine is removed. 

I stated that this sounds very extreme and painful and it would ONLY BE DONE as a last resort! I went on to explain that I will get a urine sample and bring it back Monday morning as Cassie was not having any problems urinating, she was just urinating longer.

Cystocentesis Side Effects:

Cystocentesis are risky and come with serious side effects if done wrong. Cystocentesis are a veterinary process that is more useful and helpful for the animal doctors and surgeons. A few common side effects of Cystocentesis are;

•    Bladder rupture
•    Abdomen vessel laceration
•    Peritonitis
•    Infection inside the skin
•    Severe pain
•    Colon damage etc.

Honestly I had no idea the cost of this procedure, but it does require prepping the dog for surgery, using some form of anesthesia, performing the extraction, and then monitoring the pet afterwards.

I knew it had to be expensive, and I did not even bother to ask about the price, as I had no absolutely no intentions of considering this idea of spending any kind of money for something that I could get later that day at home when Cassie was ready to pee again. Was absurd, no matter how much the receptionist tried to upsell me!

It actually kind of annoyed me at the time, as this receptionist was trying to push this Cystocentesis procedure upon me and Cassie as if there was some form of urgency. In fact I inquired with the receptionist as to why the urgency for Cassie urine? Is this something I should be concerned about? Is it necessary to have it today and can’t wait until Monday?

The receptionist finally realized that this upsell of trying to get me to pay for this unnecessary test for Cassie was not going to work that day. So she finally relent in her attempts to persist the need for the test and okayed me bringing Cassie’s urine in on Monday.

As it was a Saturday and the St. Catharine’s Animal Hospital does not open on Sundays. I explained that I would get Cassie’s first urine stream Monday morning and bring it right up to be tested on May 16th 2022.

Then I spoke to Veterinarian Bassem Boctor and he explained that he had reviewed Cassie’s X-rays and had seen nothing of concern. That Cassie did not have bladder stones.