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Veterinarian Bassem Boctor very own website states:

“Pet UTI Dіаgnоѕіѕ – Addіtіоnаl blood аnаlуѕіѕ and imaging, іnсludіng X-rауѕ or ULTRASOUND mау bе helpful tо dеtеrmіnе thе саuѕе оf thе obstruction оr оthеr соntrіbutіng diseases оr іllnеѕѕеѕ.”

At the time we brought Cassie home from St Catharines Animal Hospital that day. We were under the assumption based on what we believed to be the professional and competent opinion of veterinarian Bassem Boctor that, Cassie has been cleared of having


And as for disease and/or a bladder tumor possibilities. This at the time was not on the table as an option, as veterinarian Bassem Boctor agreed that blood аnаlуѕіѕ was not needed.

Veterinarian Bassem Boctor also did not even think that a simple ultrаѕоund would be useful in an attempt to help himself find a diagnosis to the саuѕе оf thе potential obstruction оr оthеr соntrіbutіng diseases оr іllnеѕѕеѕ that Cassie may have.

Remember the word disease or cancer were never mentioned or presented to our family as being potential causes to Cassie’s current issues. So when we left veterinarian Bassem Boctor, St Catharines Animal Hospital that day. We were at ease that this was something that eventually was going to be cured and Cassie would get back to normal. We had no other reason to think other wise as veterinarian Bassem Boctor never gave us any other reason to believe differently.

According to the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) Since NOT ALL PETS receive medical care or a definitive cancer diagnosis, this number likely would rise if every pet saw a veterinarian annually. Taking this into consideration.

The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates 1 in 4 (25%) of all dogs will develop cancer at some point in their lives, and almost 1 of every 2 (50%) of all dogs over age 10 will develop cancer.

So we have now determined through research and studied by the American Animal Hospital Association that Cassie was very susceptible to the possible that she could have had CANCER at the time of exam by veterinarian Bassem Boctor due strictly to her age alone.

Remember veterinarian Bassem Boctor knew that Cassie was just 18 days away from turning 13 years old ( 79 years in dogs age ) and was extremely susceptible and more likely to get cancer.

Again the question is why did he not bother to suggest a ultra sound? Would an ultrasound not be a better option as Veterinarian Bassem Boctor could have then looked for kidney stones and tumors all at once?

Did Veterinarian Bassem Boctor did not choose this option because knew what he was going to find and decided that it was better to prolong the situation as long as he could, allow Cassie to stuffer longer for his personal and/or finical gain?

Was it because if veterinarian Bassem Boctor found the cancer/tumor in an ultrasound that day, the odds were that we would have just had to put her down, then and there vs. trying to have us come back multiply times, giving us multiple prescriptions and doing multiple unnecessary test which all cost money to eventual find the cause when the obvious can no longer be hidden?

Remember with each test that is not conducted will require you to pay and extra $84.75 just for stepping through the door to get the test done.

Veterinarian Bassem Boctor even stated in an email to our family that this no way any vet can dare to confirm bladder tumor without ultrasound. So again why didn’t Veterinarian Bassem Boctor want to do a ultrasound?

  • Clearly Cassie had eliminated 5 of the possible 6 other medical issues list on Veterinarian Bassem Boctor. Disease/tumors being the only potential issue left from his list on his website.
  • Cassie had all the physical symptoms for potential disease/ tumor.
  • Clearly Cassie fell well with in the AAHA spectrum of have a extremely high chance of having cancer.

Again was veterinarian Bassem Boctorso so incomplete that he did not consider the idea of Cassie having a disease/tumor/cancer on her bladder, despite having the all this valuable information posted on his own website?

Or was he again afraid of what he was going to find and was afraid that it was going to come to an end that day and would not be able to milk the situation longer with more appointments, prescriptions and test for his own personal and/or finical gain?


On Monday May 16, 2022. At 8:30 am Cassie was taken out for her usual pee and I caught some urine in the provided container and took it to veterinarian Bassem Boctor – St. Catharines Animal Hospital for 9:00 am.

It was them told by receptionist that the result will be back with in two days.

Tuesday May 17, 2022 – As expect no results returned

Wednesday May 18, 2022 – Awaiting some result, no phone call.

Thursday May 19, 2022 – I decided that I should the initiative and phone veterinarian Bassem Boctor – St. Catharines Animal Hospital to inquire about Cassie’s urinary results as it was almost 77 hours since I dropped off the urine sample to be tested and the results should have been back to me within 48 hours.

I had left several request that day with the receptionist to have veterinarian Bassem Boctor call me back sooner then later as it has been 6 days since our last visit and Cassie was still struggling to pee and I was deeply concerned.

Finally after the entire day, minutes before 5:00 pm veterinarian Bassem Boctor decided he would take the time to make a less than 2 minute phone call to discuss Cassies the results with me.

Veterinarian Bassem Boctor explained during the call that Cassie’s urine results for Cassie are very bad and that she had a very aggressive kind of bacteria. So he had to put her on an aggressive type of antibiotics.

At the time I was a bit confused, as I was under the assumption that veterinarian Bassem Boctor had previously stated a week earlier that he believed Cassie did not have a bacterial UTI and that this urine test was just a routine test.

But at the same time I was also relieved somewhat as now veterinarian Bassem Boctor has just confirmed that Cassie has aggressive kind of bacteria which could be address it with medication.

When I got off the phone with veterinarian Bassem Boctor. I call my wife and kids and explained that apparently veterinarian Bassem Boctor misdiagnosed Cassie as NOT having a bacterial UTI, and in fact does have one. Which again was a relief to everyone as before this diagnosis the only option left was cancer according to veterinarian Bassem Boctor own website.

The following day May 20th 2022, I was at the St. Catharines Animal Hospital first thing in the day to get the medicine for Cassie as prescribed by veterinarian Bassem Boctor. 15 tablets of Baytril at a cost of $134.81

So that morning Veterinarian Bassem Boctor and his St. Catharines Animal Hospital charged our family $134.81 for 15 Baytril 150mg Tablets.

At the time I did not question what I felt was price gouging, because veterinarian Bassem Boctor expressed his serious concern for Cassie’s health by stating that;

  • The “urine results for Cassie are VERY BAD“,
  • That Cassie had a “VERY AGGRESIVE kind of BACTERIA“,
  • so he had “to put her on AGGRESSIVE antibiotics”.

So it appears veterinarian Bassem Boctor might be intentionally us these types of intimidating and descriptive adjectives purposely like VERY BAD, VERY AGRRESIVE and AGGRESSIVE ANTIBOTICS. In order to instantly put people into a position of having instant fear for their pets life and react of of fear for the cirrebt state of emergency that it sounds like.

Does veterinarian Bassem Boctor try and make pet owners feel as if time is slipping away and that they need to react immediately as every minute counts? I know as a pet owner, that loved their dog, that after speaking to veterinarian Bassem Boctor I felt like I didn’t have time to spare and that price comparing was only using up potential minutes that could be better served getting Cassie her much need AGGRESSIVE ANTIBOTICS for her VERY BAD, VERY AGRRESIVE UTI.

And we all know and agree that these types of words are common associated for serious human illness such as CANCER or diseases. And when any patient hears it, they instantly fill with the fear of dying, and the for any family members or friend who hear it also.

In fact doing a search on the internet for the words AGGRESIVE BACTERIA UTI in woman, this grouping of words does not exist.

Doctors ( physicians) do not used the word AGGRESSIVE when discussing urinary tract infections with their female patients. But it appears that veterinarian Bassem Boctor does. Again does veterinarian Bassem Boctor use this as a deliberate tactic so he can justify the overpricing and gouging of the medicine he prescribes to suddenly scared pet owners?.

Veterinarian Bassem Boctor – St. Catharines Animal Hopsital $134.81 Divided by 15 = $8.98 per pill

Royal Pet Meds – $47 US = $62 CAD Divided by 100 = 0.62 per/pill (15 pills X 0.62 = $9.30)

Potential healthy profit for veterinarian Bassem Boctor $134.81 – $9.30 = $125.51