Cassie’s Story – Page 8

After Cassie was unexpectedly put to rest Dr. Middleton gave us a few unrushed moments to adjust to the current moment. He just stood back and waited. Never giving us the impression that there was a clock running.

Dr. Middleton waited quietly and patiently waiting for when I was ready for him to explained to me about the next stage of events in regards to what happens next and the cremation of Cassie. When Dr. Middleton finished my daughter and I cried a little more and said our good-byes and left our Cassie in the hands of Dr. Middleton and the Dundas Animal Hospital.

A few days later we surprisingly received and amazing card from Dr. Middleton and the staff at Dundas Animal Hospital.

A few days later, as promised we received a phone call that Cassie ashes were back and we could pick them up. When arriving at Dundas Animal Hospital the staff present again expressed the condolences and wish our family the best in our future and expressed that if we have any questions or concerns to please reach out to them.