Cassie’s Story – Page 1


This was our long time family member Cassie. She was a Shar Pei/Bulldog mix. She was just 18 days short of her 13th birthday when we had to put her down.

You seewe took her to the St. Catharines Animal Hospital, which is located at 277 Welland Avenue, Unit #14 in Saint Catharines.

At the time of the visit Cassie was attentive, responsive, and in good physical health. She was highly engaged and very active with our family. She still enjoying going for long walks in the ravine, chasing bunnies when she had the chance, and visiting dog the parks.

On May 14, 2022, we had our first visit and got to meet veterinarian Bassem Boctor for the first time. He doesn’t come off as being particularly amiable. His demeanor was that of someone who simply performs their duties out of necessity. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor makes more than enough money each year to live comfortably, therefore it’s unclear why he behaves in such a stand offish manner?

During this first visit Cassie was examined by his staff (weight, eyes, respiration, etc.) of which at that time we realized that Cassie had lost about 5 pounds since earlier that year.

After the staff was finished with Cassie and returned her to the examination room. This grumpy sounding veterinarian Bassem Boctor entered the room, quickly introduced himself, and started asking what Cassie’s issues were? He now took a firm hold of the back of her neck and started to twist her in his direction. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor simple could have easily turned to face Cassie, but he thought it would be more appropriate to so his dominates and twist Cassie to fit his position on the table.

My wife and I went on to explain that we discovered a small amount of blood in her urine back in March 2022 amid an unusual snowfall. We kept an eye on it at the time, and ultimately it disappeared in a series of a few pee’s.

We explained that we began to once again see very small amounts of blood in Cassie’s urine a week earlier, and that Cassie was suddenly beginning to urinate for unusually longer periods of time and that she seems like she is having some difficulty (straining) to pee. So we decision that we should bring her into St. Catharines Animal Hospital to see if it was serious.

Date of video – May 11, 2022